The "Original" MRO

Breadman Service Provider



our company philosophy...

assist our clients in the Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) portion of their business by providing proper time and place utility to our products.


our product line...

designed to provide a broad local inventory to assist in the management and control of the MRO costs of large and small industrial, commercial, and institutional clients.


our product quality...

meets and preferably exceeds the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications backed by full lot traceability and a multi-million dollar liability policy assuring our responsibility.


our trained sales professionals are committed to...

  • ensuring the right part is at-hand when needed
  • minimizing lost client production time due to prolonged downtime of essential equipment
  • eliminating excessive client inventory investment
  • reducing client ordering costs through regular service calls
  • minimizing lost or misplaced client inventory by assisting in efficient storage and organization of all essential products
  • providing the Total Cost Solution for your organization